Bukas na!

For the last time, I want to share a friendly reminder to every voters out there,

Let your principles decide who will be your president not your president will decide what will be your principles.



It’s sad how senatorial forums are not that exposed by our leading media outlets here. First, law making is not an easy job. People, especially voters, should be aware what are the duties and responsibilities of a senator. Second, people should realize that a senator, specifically the senate president, is as equal as the president. Same goes with the chief justice in the judiciary branch. Third, let us put an end of electing people who don’t really know something about law and those old names who promised change but nothing really happened in their past terms as senators.


Manny Pacquiao. Simply because he is not even performing well on congress. Hailed as the number one absentee by some news sources but he still received no diminution on his salary. During the 15th congress, he was absent for 60 out of 168 days [1]. During the 16th congress, he showed up only four fucking days for work. Yet, he was playing and coaching at the same time and he’s not forgetting his boxing career [2]. Rep. Manny, it’s time to choose which path you should take. Another thing is his belief. I want to remind voters to vote for senators who will represent all the Filipinos not just a sector of it.

Pacquiao “has a problem understanding what representation means,” said de Vera, who has served as consultant to other legislators. “What is worrisome is that he doesn’t seem to be bothered by it.” 

Pacquiao should “first understand the job of a congressman before he understands the work of a senator, before he studies the responsibilities of a president,” de Leon said. [3]

Alma Moreno. We all know why. After her viral video of her interview on ANC’s Headstart. I must say that Alma Moreno is the living proof of an improvement in decision making of the Filipino voters considering her low poll ratings.

Jericho Petilla. He is promising us a lower electricity bill. Why just now? You were the DOE secretary before, sir. Remember when you resigned over a “failed” promise for our fellowmen in Tacloban which you governed from 2004 to 2012 [4]? Contradicting the promised resignation that it’s a personal choice because you decided to run for senate this year? Good thing you are not even an inch close to 12.

Getulio Napenas. I don’t know why you are promising us “Justice for SAF44” when you are held accountable for it. Serve them justice but you don’t need a seat in the senate to do it [5].

Tito Sotto. Tito Sotto topping the surveys are all hype brought by the famous love team which he used to campaign for them indirectly [6]. Never forget that this guy was issued with plagiarism  [7]. I have nothing against the love team because I am a fan of them but never a fan of Sotto as senator.

Martin Romualdez. He seeks to reform and expand the CCT or the 4Ps [8]. Wait, his advertisements say otherwise. He will make it a law to continue the services for the poor. Sir, 4Ps was already institutionalized by Sen. Miriam. PDF: Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program Act of 2010. One of the candidates who shamelessly takes advantage of CCT just to get “mass” votes.

TG Guingona. I remember him when I was watching one of the senate hearings regarding Mamasapano massacre. JPE was pinning the president down as to held accountable for the said issue but senators Guingona and Drilon came to rescue the president [9]. I believe that the president should be held accountable for the Mamasapano incident. He is the head of AFP and under his cabinet is the PNP [10]. And yes, Drilon is correct. He needs to brand himself, too [11].


I wasn’t able to study all the senatoriables in this list yet. But, I will in the future time.

Joel Villanueva. All I know is that TESDA is good. TESDA is for the people. TESDE helped a lot of people. This success of TESDA is due to this man.

Isko Moreno. He is really for the marginalized sector of the community. Why? Because he was one before he entered showbiz and politics. Pursuing his studies while serving Manila is admirable. Look at his educational background now.

Edu Manzano. I watched his Headstart interview. He explained himself very clearly to the issues thrown at him about his citizenship [12]. But I need to learn more about him.

Ralph Recto, Franklin Drilon, Leila de Lima, Lorna Kapunan


Win Gatchalian. The fact that I am a Valenzuelano. He served Valenzuela city well and we felt all the things he has to offer. I strongly suggest to everyone to vote for him. Education is his main program [13].

Richard Gordon. This is the man of volunteerism. Since 1986, he is already in Red Cross and spearheaded the rescue, relief and rehabilitation of various disasters from shipwrecks, typhoons, 1990 earthquake in Cabanatuan, 1991 eruption of Mount Pinatubo, 2004 landslides in Aurora, Quezon and 2006 Ginsaugun, Southern Leyte mudslide and the PhilSports Arena stampede. Look how is Olongapo now. He also revived the tourism “WOW PHILIPPINES” during CGMA’s term when he was appointed as DOT secretary.

Risa Hontiveros. Her pureness is lovely. I love her advocacy together with Leni Robredo about our fellowmen with mental illnesses [14]. I have been supporting her since the first time she ran as senator.

Neri Colmenares. I admire one of his advertisement when he campaigned against Martial Law [15]. He won me there! Did you know how much it would cost a politician to air a 30 second advertisement? A fucking 800,000 and he used it against Martial Law. The true symbol of Bayan Muna.


PiliPinas Debates 2016: The First Presidential Debate

This blog entry will serve as my scorecards for the candidates in every round: introduction, track record and performance round, poverty and development round, and the Mindanao issue round.



The Presidentiables 2016 Introduction:

  1. Miriam Santiago – An articulate answer with a touch of humor. Remarks are realistic. She is clearly stating her advocacy without selling herself. She knows that we need this “shared destiny”. It’s not only on her but on all the Filipinos. (8/10)
  2. Mar Roxas – Poetic, I must say. An early gunner. (7/10)
  3. Rodrigo Duterte – He stuck on what he promised since Day 1. It’s always been on criminality. (8/10)
  4. Grace Poe – Resembles on how Miriam introduced herself on a much detailed way. Poetic but some words were unnecessary. I admire how she focused on the main issue of the debate. (7/10)
  5. Jejomar Binay – SUGARCOAT. Keeps on bringing Makati up. For everyone’s sake, he is the Vice President of the Philippines not Makati. (3/10)


It’s personal issues not their track records and performances! It’s hard to review because they’re answers were, obviously, personal answers. I would rank them based on how they answered the questions with conviction. The rebutting is unnecessary on these issues.

Jejomar Binay. I didn’t get any new information. (1.5/10)

Miriam Santiago. Very straight-forward. Avoided flowery words.(8/10)

Rodrigo Duterte. Straight-forward with the absence of sensitiveness but with a touch of humor. Can easily divert his answers from a to another. (7/10)

Grace Poe. Forward. Flowery but answered the questions convincingly. (8.5/10)

Mar Roxas. A real gunner. The questions agreed to his position on the executive branch. (6.5/10)


Rodrigo Duterte. Answered the way he wanted it to be. Very Duterte. You can sense the assurance not just the plan. (9/10)

Jejomar Binay. As usual, diverting it to himself but good plans. Some plans were not clear during his rebutting. (8/10)

Grace Poe. Very prepared. Detailed yet flowery. Knew the root cause of the problem. (10/10)

Miriam Santiago. Another realistic answers which will make you question all the other promises during her rebutting. Very long-term solutions. (10/10)

Mar Roxas. Answered the question convincingly. You can sense the plan. The question during his rebut was really for him. (9/10)


Rodrigo Duterte. Good plans. The question for his rebut was made for him. Clearly, he had an edge but didn’t deliver well. (8.5/10)

Mar Roxas. Good plans and a realistic answer on drugs. Another answer made for an executive branch on the rebuttal question which was unfair to others except for the two guy candidates (Binay and Duterte). (8/10)

Jejomar Binay. Selling himself. Another Makati-related answer. (1/10)

Miriam Santiago. Another very realistic answer and a good advocacy. Also, there is a good plan. (9/10)

Grace Poe. Very articulate. She is for fairness. But diverted her answer from the real question on the issues to her plans in Mindanao in a different issue. (9/10)

The Presidentiables 2016 Closing Remarks:

This round is clearly for Santiago. Poe did great too.

  1. Miriam Santiago.(9.5/10)
  2. Grace Poe. (9.5/10)
  3. Rodrigo Duterte. (9/10)
  4. Mar Roxas. (8.5/10)
  5. Jejomar Binay. (6/10)


Miriam Santiago. (8.9/10)

Grace Poe. (8.8/10)

Rodrigo Duterte. (8.3/10)

Mar Roxas. (7.8/10)

Jejomar Binay. (3.9/10)


I watched the debates two times to grasp the answers of the candidates more. Some considerations were considered like where they came from, their past or current work before the 2016 elections, etc. Considerations in particular like three gentlemen are from the executive and ladies are from legislative.


Oh, Manny

I know this reaction entry is so late.

We all know what Manny Pacquiao said in an interview about his stand on same-sex marriage. It created a big buzz and now it is surfacing on every news sources around the world. Not just in the Philippines but around the world.

First, I want to express my stand on same-sex marriage. I was raised by a Catholic family. All I know is that it is condemned by many sectors of Christianity including, us, Catholic. It is also stated in our current constitution. But, I stand with the LGBT in protecting their rights against discrimination. They badly need equality and they are on the verge of getting it and suddenly there was Pacquiao, who was looked up by many, speaking for his church and himself. But, I don’t see anything wrong with that. Let’s face it! It was the choice of words and the conflict of interest that got him into the hot seat.

I am disappointed. Okay, let’s say that we got what Pacquiao was pointing out. Will that make him suddenly fit for a senate seat? We all know what’s the work of a senator. It was taught to us since our HEKASI days. They legislate law. They make law. THEY MAKE OUR LAWS BASED ON THE PHILIPPINE CONSTITUTION. Senator represents all the Filipinos regardless of what their cultures are. Regardless of what their religions are.

I hold nothing against his statements if he was speaking to represent his church. But, he is speaking as a representative of Sarangani. Again, that issue was clearly a conflict of interest. Let me share a good example of a “mutual respect”. I admire how Anthony Taberna temporarily left Umagang Kay Ganda when there was an issue inside his church, Iglesia Ni Cristo. He respected his church without giving up his respect for his work. That’s a true man of dignity and a true man of his church. I also want to acknowledge the bravery of Karen Davila in an interview with Pacquiao about the said issue. The real question is should he be a senator or a preacher?

Few days passed, many reactions occurred coming from famous personalities here and there and reactions are still coming. The burning of shoes. The loyalty of people. Now, people are proclaiming their self-righteousness. Who has the cleaner faith? Who is more humane? Again, respect begets respect.


Someone said that one major thing that the government should provide us is the mass transportation. Sadly, they are giving that to us but is it enough to accommodate our growing population? Why do we need to accept that we don’t have a better public mass transport system? The commuters suffered too much and the suffering is still endless. I acknowledge those promised train extensions, promised bus rapid transit, etc. Different promises like in 2017 we will have this and that. Endless promises, endless sufferings.

(I am not an expert to these kinds of fields so, I welcome all the comments, etc. I just want to state my opinions that is merely based on what I read, what I see, and my experiences. I ride trains, too. Daily.)

It’s heartbreaking to know that we need to suffer those usual  problems daily. Sufferings that are converted to daily routines. Missed opportunities, missed quizzes, late in job interviews. How can we put an end to those? We visited Hong Kong and I admire their mass transport system so much. It’s saddening that I know that my country can also do that but when will they start?

We need to improve what is already there. We have narrow roads then deplete the cars, buses, jeeps or widen the roads. Or do more roads. Support public transportation.

We don’t need subways yet. We need to organize the existing system first. Why can’t we do the bus rapid transit as soon as possible? It would cause temporary sufferings but how long do we need to wait? Until the car population doubles? As time goes by, the population, which consists younger ages, will surely grow. The bus rapid transit can also help in stopping the colorum buses to operate.

The problems in our train system are the biggest problems in mass transportation that need solutions as soon as possible! While we, train commuters , wait for those sick trains to come, could someone, at least, see a temporary solution in meeting the demands of the growing number of the passengers? I am not an expert that the only two solutions I can see are (1) add new trains to accommodate a larger number of passengers (2)  remove some train stations for a faster travel time making the trains circulate faster, too. We don’t need that sick new ticketing system yet. What I can appreciate more is to make all the stations accessible to PWDs. Make turnstiles for those who are carried by wheelchairs!

We have our ferries that used to serve passengers before. I don’t know what are the reasons why they stopped the operations but what’s saddening is all of the ferry stations and the ferries were left unused. (And yes! I admire the design of the ferry stations and the old ferries.)

I am not disagreeing with those extensions and new projects but we can always start small. Fix what is on our table before adding another mess!

I am happy to hear that the Mactan-Cebu international airport is the first airport resort in the world! I have seen the design and I, absolutely, fell in love with it! We badly need airports that serve international flights due to the growing demands. I think, the government should start building two international airports before the demands grow more! Or do trains that connects Metro Manila to Clark International Airport. Or do trains and a new international airport somewhere in Mega Manila.

I know it’s not easy and it’s not what you want what you get. But, we are wanting these for a very long time…

Duterte and his contradicting statements

I want to be honest this time. I tried supporting Duterte before Miriam decided to file her Certificate of Candidacy. I really tried. I adore how his supporters gathered at Quirino Grandstand and left no trashes at the said place. I really adored that. I saw him as a good role model before but not anymore.

First, I want, you, to know that I support Miriam Santiago over anyone.

In the news, social media, and even in the public transportation, you will hear Duterte. Almost everyday Duterte appeared in your televisions from the morning news until late night. His trademark statements. As time goes by, I am starting to not like his remarks. I know that he is a disciplinarian and he killed people. Oh yes, criminals. So, I planned to make a list of his statements that he contradicted himself making me feel not to consider him anymore:

“I’m not running for President and I never wanted to be one…. Ayaw ko talaga. Ayaw ng pamilya ko pati iyong anak ko na mayor and she’s vocal about it,” Duterte told an audience of businessmen at the ASIA CEO Forum in Makati. [1]

So, I guess, everyone knew about this. Well, looks like this is not true anymore.

“There is one piece of paper that holds us together as a nation — the Constitution. Do not mess up with the Constitution,” he told reporters in Pasig City. [2]

Bill of Rights is part of our constitution. So, who is messing with constitution again?

“Basta ako on the table ‘yan. I am running for president (sic) because i am so disappointed and sad sa ruling na yan,” Duterte explained during a private birthday party in Dasmariñas City, Cavite. “Grace can run for governor, mayor, I am willing to vacate my position, bigay ko sa kanya. Pero wag yung presidente.” [3]

He was open to run as our president and it was because of the Senate Electoral Tribunal’s decision to dismiss the disqualification case of Sen. Poe. But now, that Sen. Poe’s current status is disqualified? What now?

Here is the now,

“Look, noon I was complaining about the decision of the SET, ‘yung kay Grace Poe. But at this time, water has passed under the bridge,” Duterte told reporters. [4]

Yes, he did say that he does not want to join presidential debates. Waiting for him to contradict his statement again…

“Ayaw ko makipag-debate sa kanila. Debate debate wala namang nangyayari diyan,” he told reporters in Pasig City. [5]

Oh yes, he already contradicted it on the same day at the same article.

“Pero kung pilitin nila ako, OK lang. We’ll talk everything under the sun,” he added. [5]

That “not joining debates statement” was a very big insult as some may base their votes on that. (Which is a good thing and I admire the most.)

“I would address myself to the highest hierarchy of the Roman Catholic Church. If you think I have offended — which, in the first place, I never really meant to do it — kung hindi ninyo ako mapatawad, the hierarchy o yung Vatican, sabihin ninyo: ‘We are offended and we demand that you withdraw from the presidential contest.’ And I will tomorrow withdraw. Walang problema ‘yan,” he said. [6]

“I was admonished and lectured on Christian Values and in return, I told them that I would lessen my use of cuss words. I am even regulating myself and will donate P1,000 to Caritas Davao everytime I would swear.” [7]

How can someone be the image of change if he is just starting to change his bad ways? Don’t tell me that it’s okay to curse, at least, he was being honest. You don’t talk like you are playing DOTA when you are running for president and addressing not just the Pope but one of the world leader.

So yeah, that’s it. If you think that this article is one-sided, this is an opinionated article. If you think that I didn’t know the whole story, that’s the use of the link at the end of every statements. I read them. You should, too!